Sidewinder Gulch is a place where I post my writings, stories, works, reviews, comments, opinions and news about my published novels and short stories. There are some serious posts (articles, reviews, essays, works, opinions and news) and there are some journal like or free writing posts. I am sure you can tell which one is which; the posts that I wrote when I was serious and fully sober, and the posts that I wrote when I was sleepwalking, playing around and being naughty.

For some posts I wrote when I was sleepwalking or in a stage of dreaming: grammatical or structural errors could occur, if this really bother you, please pardon my bad English.

All rights to the works and publications on this blog are owned and copyrighted by Stefani Hid, unless otherwise noted.


Correspondence concerning this blog should be addressed to: stefanihid@yahoo.com

About the Author:


Stefani Hid was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. She lived in Surabaya (Indonesia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Rheine (Germany) and currently lives in Ochtrup and Munich (Germany).  She loves her family, books, literature, movies, musics,  philosophy, history, cultures, paintings, visual arts, fashions, ski jumping, U.S Women’s Soccer Team and her Xbox 360.

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