Alpha As Fuck?

Posted on April 25, 2013


He woke up in a shabby apartment in a suburb of Munich, drank the beer that left in the dented can from last night. His pants were wet, he had no idea why. The air in the living room was stink of cigarettes smokes and hemp oil. He coughed his eyes out, sour taste. He was hungry. His overweight body managed to avoid the spilled spaghetti sauce on the floor and move slowly toward the door. He stepped into the tram without thinking of buying ticket and stepped out in the city center. He lit his cigarettes and suddenly felt chill; it was time to take a shower and wash his damp sweater. As he walked, he checked every trash cans he passed, looked for returnable bottle. He found some 8 cent beer bottles and put them into the plastic bag. He checked his pocket, 10 Euros. He decided to eat in McDonald. Double cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, big fries, and cola. Nothing better than that, he thought. Juicy burger, chemicals stuffed chicken nuggets, deep fried oily fries with a lot of salt. He was eating to fast. He choked on a chicken nugget and he washed it down by sweet icy cola. He felt better afterwards.  3 P.M. It was time to go to the Sozialamt to pick up his unemployment money. It has been years since he was on welfare. Finding a job is difficult lately. It must be because of those assholes in the politic keep changing things, he thought. He saw somebody he knows down in the U-bahn station. Time to have some fun. Like usual, the toothless man gave him a blowjob in the return for 2 grams of grass he gave him. The day was almost end. It was time to sit in the sidewalk with some drinking friends. What does not kill me makes me stronger, he thought. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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