I Am (Not) Morbid.

Posted on April 22, 2013


1. Rule No.1: Don’t pity yourself!

2. Rule No.2: Keep going!

3. I am in love with somebody. There are many times and moments that feel like heaven, so beautiful; and I am so happy. However, I realized that I love this person too much and love the idea of us very much; it makes me do not want to hear some “things” that he said (ex: from the past) and over analyzing what he said to me to protect myself from disappointment. Loving someone can be both beautiful and painful. Maybe I need to work this out.

4. I am over sensitive and sometimes it kills me.

5. Virtue virtue virtue.

6. There is no good and bad, but there is thing called common sense.

7. Too many writers, too few readers.

8. There are times that I really want to cry.

9. Sense of accomplishment is addictive.

10. I love my little brother very much.

11. I should love myself more.

12. Sometimes I feel myself going down.

13. I wish I could stop the time and freeze some moments.

14. Life is laughable.


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