James A. Prufrock’s Postcript

Posted on March 4, 2013


I am James A. Prufrock, not a nice man, but I think I have a good heart. I love painkiller and sunflower seeds.

I do some writings but I think nobody would like to read them. People, they like positive story (or “inspirational” like they called them). My stories are not positive, they are full with strange thought and situation, desolation, destruction, wretchedness, loneliness, anxiety, anger and absurdity, because I am honest: I portray what comes to my mind. Some of my stories are ironic, cynic and full with black humor because that is the way I write, and I like it that way. Sometimes I found them funny, but I think people do not know that I am joking; I think this world is too serious and words are too slippery they can deliver another meaning. If they read them carefully, they will know what I mean and I think my stories are inspirational. It is not about a poor boy becomes rich or good people win at the end, it is another kind of struggle, it is a ‘struggle,’ life itself is a struggle.

I write about human nature, so if one of my characters loves to watch porn because he finds it degrading and there is something in being degraded, please do not talk with me about morality, since I am, the writer, standing outside and just exploring and testing the human nature. Once I wrote down what I see in streptococcal infection fever dream: a bondage scene. Please do not be angry with me since I am, once again, being honest.

Not a bad guy, I am definitely not (at least that is what I think; I cannot be angry outside my writing not even to a dog), maybe just an impulsive one. For me life is laughable. It is as light as a feather but also more valuable than a diamond.

So, I do not mind if people do not read my writings. But if you happen to read one, please do not misunderstood me. I mean no harm, I hold no anger, I do not judge, I am just someone who likes to play around with ideas.

Your friend,

James A. Prufrock


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